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The Grip Master – Grip Installation Guide

The Grip Master – Wrap Grip Installation Guide.

The Grip Master – Grip Care Guide

Usage of Solvent on the grip.

The Grip Master uses beeswax and a proprietary tackifier (plant base) to create a tacky feel on the grip and to maintain the color of the grip. Using the right solvent is very important to keep the grip in good condition.

How to care for Fashion Grip

Our famous fashion leather grips are the Signature Cabretta Laced Putter Grips. They come with many colors at different size. Taking an extra care of the grips, help it last longer.

How to store your grip.

If you’re using fashion leather and grip with tacktifier like Roo swing grip, best to keep them seperate in your back. Just like any leather brands, taking a good care of the leather, keeps them last longer.