Frequently Asked Questions

For TGM tactified grips all you need to do is dip the grip in a bucket of water or hold it under a running tap and towel dry. Do not use any solvents or detergents as it takes the tackiness out of grip.

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Our most popular grip is the Kangaroo Sewn Swinger “The ROO”.

But it does depend on what driver shaft you’re putting it on.

The grips can be built up with 2 build up and 1 double side comfortably.

Please note that standard TGM grip on a standard .600” butt shaft will come on .910 which is like a paper over standard.

So you may get away with only double sided or max one extra tape.

I would say that The Grip Master Signature Cabretta Laced paddle putter grip has a softer feeling if that’s what you’re looking for and it comes in a lot of different colors.

The Signature putter grip is made with a soft Cabretta fashion leather treated with a lite bees wax, of which creates a little tac with soft feel.

The Roo putter grip is a much firmer dense leather dipped in grip master proprietary tackifier (plant base), of which creates a tacky and firm feeling grip.(awesome in all weather conditions)

The Midsize Roo Grip masters are similar in size to the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Jumbo.

Paddle is very similar in the size, shape and weight of the Scotty Cameron Matador Midsize.

FL27 is exactly the same size as a Super Stroke 2.0.

Classic wrap: Strapped Cowhide wrapped around the shaft

Roo: Kangaroo – one piece – sewn seam down spine

Master: Cowhide with Large perforation – one piece – sewn seam down spine

Signature: Cabretta (Sheep skin) – one piece – “Baseball” lacing down spine

Kidd: Kidd (Goat) – one piece – sewn seam down spine

All grips are treated with the same amount of tackifier.

All grips have a 1mm foam base backed to the leather.

All grips are assembled on the same standard or midsize under listing to suit a .600 shaft. 

NB: recommend no more than two papers underneath.(leather does not expand)

Classic wrap has the softest feel because of the “valleys” between wraps.

Roo, Kidd have a similar firm feel.

Master has a slightly softer feel because of the perforations.

Signature has the baseball stitch down the spine which gives that “reminder rib” feel and initially feels slightly tackier because the Cabretta holds a touch of tackifier on the surface.

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