Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Some grips are meant to be sticky especially The Roo grips. If you want something that is not tacky, please use Signature Cabretta Putter range which is treated by Bees wax and is soft and not tacky. You can try any products from The Grip Master that made from Cabretta, Cowhide and Kidd Skin which not tacky as The Roo Edition.

We are NOT recommend this method :

You can take out the tackiness by washing the grip by soap and water but this will make the leather dry and may discolour the leather. No warranty from us if any issues.

For TGM tactified grips all you need to do is dip the grip in a bucket of water or hold it under a running tap and towel dry. Do not use any solvents or detergents as it takes the tackiness out of grip.

Click here to watch a video tutorial.

It’s very rare that the tackiness is lost, you will just need to bring it back out by using water and giving it a vigorous rub down with a towel.

In the rare case it doesn’t come back, I have heard from some of your fellow customers that they have used surfboard wax with much success.

Alternatively, there is nothing better than new set of grips to revitalize a set of clubs! 

The tackiness of our grips are created by dipping the leather into natural terpene based resin (tackifier) and it basically impregnates the leather with the tackifier.

The Grip Master grips lasts in all conditions and typically stay tackier in the hot and humid conditions. Whereas the cabretta putters are best to stay out moisture to maintain longetivity.

Rub the grip with wet towel to bring back the tacky feel. Avoid using soap or detergent, use plain water only. Soap and detergent will damage the leather,

If you are looking for more information on The Grip Master Putter Grip sizing, please check out this blog post.

The FL series are a non taper putter grip and the circumference is as follows:

FL27 = 3.75inch

FL28 = 4inch

D-slim is similar to the old Wilson 8802 leather putter grip.

The Tour putter is just a little bigger than the Ping FF58.

The Midsize Roo Grip masters are similar in size to the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Jumbo.

Paddle is very similar in the size, shape and weight of the Scotty Cameron Matador Midsize.

FL27 is exactly the same size as a Super Stroke 2.0.

Fl28 is like a Super Stroke 3.0.
FL35 is a longer paddle version putter grip, standing at 14 inches.

All prices on are listed in $USD.

You can check our return and refund policy here.

TGM Patented under listings are injection moulded using a TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber). This synthetic rubber compound is made in Melbourne, Australia and the injection moulded parts are also made in Melbourne, before we ship them to our own manufacturer and assembly facility in Thailand.

Our Golf Grips are made exclusively using only the finest genuine animal leather  that covers the TPR Underlisting, making The Grip Master grips the ideal grip option for anyone who has allergies triggered by latex/natural rubber

The grips can be built up with 2 build up and 1 double side comfortably.

Please note that standard TGM grip on a standard .600” butt shaft will come on .910 which is like a paper over standard.

So you may get away with only double sided or max one extra tape.

Avoid using toxic solvent as it will damage the leather and cause some of the grips to bleed.

If your grips are properly taken care of, they will last as long as your clubs do, if not even longer.
The Grip Master grips have been known for lasting 2 to 3 times longer than other rubber or cord grips as The Grip Master grips wear in and don’t wear out.

Yes! You can check out this blog post to see which grips are favoured by renowned golfers in full detail.

We do make customized grips for any businesses and corporates that order more than 50 grips. Send email to [email protected] to customize your grips.

The grips can be built up with 2 build up and 1 double side comfortably. 

Please note that standard TGM grip on a standard .600” butt shaft will come on .910 which is like a paper over standard.

So you may get away with only double sided or max one extra tape.

There can be some colour variation depending on the depth of absorption of the proprietary tackifier, usually it gets darker when you hold it as it brings the tact from the leather,
A test you may want to try:
  1. Grap one of the darker wraps and scrap with your nail, you will see its the same colour as the lighter colour grips you have.
  2. If you rub and hold that spot it will go back to dark.
  3. Over time the colours will pretty much match up.
All the brown ULURU swingers will have same colour issue
Any performance grip will change colour during usage.

It seems the % of Chrome Sulphates in our Swinger grip base leather Chrome tannage is quite small (3%), and these grips as you know are further treated with our proprietary Tackifying Protack formula, which would negate or override the Chrome Sulphate, and as such we can say our grips are non-Allergenic for this reason! 

Questions About Swing Grips

Our most popular grip is the Kangaroo Sewn Swinger “The ROO”.

But it does depend on what driver shaft you’re putting it on.

Classic wrap: Strapped Cowhide wrapped around the shaft

Roo: Kangaroo – one piece – sewn seam down spine

Master: Cowhide with Large perforation – one piece – sewn seam down spine

Signature: Cabretta (Sheep skin) – one piece – “Baseball” lacing down spine

Kidd: Kidd (Goat) – one piece – sewn seam down spine

All grips are treated with the same amount of tackifier.

All grips have a 1mm foam base backed to the leather.

All grips are assembled on the same standard or midsize under listing to suit a .600 shaft. 

NB: recommend no more than two papers underneath.(leather does not expand)

Classic wrap has the softest feel because of the “valleys” between wraps.

Roo, Kidd have a similar firm feel.

Master has a slightly softer feel because of the perforations.

Signature has the baseball stitch down the spine which gives that “reminder rib” feel and initially feels slightly tackier because the Cabretta holds a touch of tackifier on the surface.

The Classic Wraps shouldn’t fully separate as they are wrapped with torsional resistance. We have noticed some golfers’ thumb placement may slip the grip up and down out of place, which may cause the strap to peel back. 

There are a couple of solutions:
1) Take off the grip and re-install the grip at a different angle so that the thumb sits in the middle of strap rather than in between the strapping join.

2) Swap to a sewn back which is a single panel grip.

Questions About Putter Grips

The Signature is made with a soft Cabretta fashion leather treated with a lite bees wax, of which creates a little tack with a soft feel.

The Roo is a much firmer dense leather dipped in grip master proprietary tackifier (plant base), of which creates a tacky and firm feeling grip, making it awesome in all weather conditions.

The FL series are a non taper putter grip and the circumference is as follows:

FL27 = 3.75inch

FL28 = 4inch

The Scotty Matador oversize Grip = 4.75inch

The Grip Master Signature Cabretta Laced putter grip has a softer feeling if that’s what you’re looking for.

It also comes in a lot of different colors.

Our rain hail or shine grip is our ROO signature Putter Grips (treated with proprietary tackifier).

Avoid using signature cabretta putter because they are fashion leather treated with bees wax, not suitable for playing in the rain and cause the grip to bleed.

Is your question not here? Contact us at [email protected] for more.