Global Distribution

Since being established nearly two decades ago, our Australian-based company has grown significantly and become a phenomenon in golfing. We produce, supply and distribute our unique patented leather grips to all major golfing markets, including Australasia, USA, European Economic Community, South East Asia, Korea, Japan and Africa.

We have chosen to partner with retail distributors on every continent in an effort to make our products available. If any of our grips are not available in your region, please get in contact with us so we can begin a conversation about providing what you need.

The Grip Master Australia

GSA Golf Pty. Ltd
Unit 8, 347 Bay Road
Cheltenham, Vic 3192
+61 492 894 931
[email protected]

The Grip Master North America

BG Golf Inc
6352 Corte Del Abeto,
Suite D & E
Carlsbad, CA 92011
United States
+1 760 448 6116
[email protected]

The Grip Master Thailand

TGA Golf Distribution
942/161 Charn Issara Tower 1 Bldg
20th Fl, Rama 4 Road, Suriyawong
Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
+66 87 795 2093
[email protected]

The Grip Master Southeast Asia

Golf Shafts Asia Sdn Bhd
12 Jalan Pasar, Bandar Tambun
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
+60 5 546 5590
[email protected]

The Grip Master Japan

18-35 Atagoyama,
Hyogo 662-0871, Japan
[email protected]


The GolfWorks USA

4820 Jacksontown Road
Newark, OH 43056-3008
[email protected]

Research & Development

The current demand and approval of the developed range is no accident. Constant communication and feedback with professional golfers on the world Tour has driven The Grip Master’s research and development program for more than 10 years and resulted in its present wide-ranging product lines.

Since 1999 we have invested more than $2 million on Research and Development in our patented Under Listing designs and High Tech production tooling. This includes entrenching The Grip Master brand presence on Tour.

The Grip Master has grown its world-wide presence on its knowledge and expertise in the grading, tanning, production, manufacturing and nuances of leather. And we continue to innovate as we continue to grow our presence and reputation further world-wide. Because expertise, trust and innovation are everything to us.

With the dramatic growth of leather grips being used by golf tour professional , it raises the question:

Why are Pro’s turning to leather? Is there a real reason?

The following test results clearly demonstrates a technical reason as to why leather is the best material for a golf grip.

The test was done under lab conditions, with the club being removed from the testing apparatus after every reading.

This would ensure that each reading was not being influenced by the previous one.

The reason for the test was to quantify the impact a grip had on a golf club.

The control club used was a steel shaft with no grip and each subsequent test used the exact same grip.

The test showed that a grip of any kind degradedthe mechanical values of the control club.

The grips tested were a number of leather grips from The Grip Master and also the leading rubber grip from Golf Pride (this is the number one grip in golf)

The results clearly demonstrate that the Kangaroo has the lowest degradation, with all leather grips outperforming the rubber grip.

The Grip Master will make this part of the point of sale information.

These numbers clearly show:
→ The leather grip offers more control
→  It outperforms all grips in all weather conditions
→ Has the added bonus of better feel.

Affliated Brands

Over the years, The Grip Master has established relationships with many of the world’s leading golf club manufacturers. The Grip Master began with selling its’ market leading ‘Hand-Laced’ Tour Putter grips to Scotty Cameron initially, and continued building relationships with most the worlds premium putter manufacturers, including:

The Grip Master grip is now widely recognised as the premium golf grip of choice for Putters and Club/Swingers for all major OEM Brands worldwide. Notable in recent times, Titleist/Vokey Wedges (Wedge Works) using TGM Kangaroo Club/Swinger grip, and Callaway has released a premium, top of the range, club set called the Legacy Black and chose to fit these with The Grip Master Kangaroo golf grips.